Why grass fed is better

Roasted_Chicken_Dinner_Plate,_Broccoli,_Demi_GlaceWhy is grass fed better?  Recent research  has revealed some amazing benefits that may influence your view of grass fed meat.  But the real reason for choosing grass fed meat may be due to these simple questions.

Do you want food that is superb tasting?  Do you want food that is loaded with nutrition?  Do you want food that gives you vibrant health?  I commend you for asking these kinds of questions especially in light of all the health care information out there today.  There is a huge trend of folks looking to their food for the answer to great health.  There are so many buzz words today related to the health food trend such as organic, all natural, chemical free, pasture raised, free range, and the list can go on.  So where do we start?

Looking at meatSobrecostilla_al_horno_cocinado_en_salsa_de_soya,_ajo_y_jengibre

Lets just look at meat for now.  When you go to the store you find there are two categories of meat now.  All natural or organic and then the conventional raised meat.  When looking at the packages you will probably see little difference other than two to three times higher price on it.  The question to ask is it worth the higher price and is it the best quality that meat can be?  This is what I can tell you from my own experience.  I have tried both kinds and I must say the all natural does have some benefits and there is a higher quality there, but I never felt it was as good as it could be.  I wanted the best and searched for how to get that.

Grow the best

I found that the very best meat starts with how it is raised.  I found people like Joel Salatin at Poly face farm and others that have been focusing on raising top quality meat for many years.  I started following their models and to my amazement I have been getting outstanding quality meat from the flavor to the texture and the wonderful tenderness.  It is just amazing and to top it all off the nutritional value is abundant.

The secret to amazing food

What is mind bowing is the way to top notch food is following Gods design in everything.  The Bible clearly states in more than one way that if you follow Gods plan and look to Him for wisdom and knowledge He will give us great understanding.  So why wouldn’t it be any different with food.  God made this world and everything in it so why not follow the manufacturers instructions?

What is naturally raised meat?

Beef cows on lush grass

When I talk to farmers they usually say that there animals live and grow as natural as they can.  However what I see  usually doesn’t describe natural all that well.  I don’t want to bash farmers though since they are doing what their industry standards require of them and they are simple following a broken model.  I decided to take a look at what the animal is designed to do and that has given me a better idea of what naturally raised means. Each and every animal was designed to perform in a certain way.  Cows don’t swim and pigs don’t fly.  That sounds pretty obvious but that is exactly what we do when we force an animal to live in a way that it wasn’t designed for.  It may live and eat in a way that isn’t natural to them.  When we let the animal do what the Creator designed it to do everything works well.  It lives healthier and produces a superior product.  I will go into more detail about this on the beef and chicken pages of this website since beef and chicken is what I have been focusing on lately.

Some food for thought,  are you doing what your Creator designed you to do?  Are you a duck trying to run when you were meant to fly?

Know where your food comes from

My purpose with this website is to show you where to find the facts about how food should be and how we can offer you the highest quality food that we raise right here at our home.  You can visit our store to find out how you can get the very best meat.

If you have an interest in quality pasture raised meat will you please leave a question or comment below.  I would enjoy hearing your thoughts about this subject.

Thank you and God bless!

29 thoughts on “Why grass fed is better

  1. Heather Grace

    I love your website! I completely agree that we can find many tips and instructions on healthy food in the bible. A great brand example of that is Ezekiel Bread. Love, love!

    I have been making the transition to natural eating for years (hard to do all at once). We have cut out most process foods and now are focusing on footing the cost for food grown and raised in the best possible way. It’s not easy but so worth it.

    Do you have any brands that are carried in stories that you feel are the best source for natural raised meats?

    Love the article!

    1. Jason Post author

      Glad to hear you are on the right track to protecting your health one step at a time. It is so hard to find “brand names” that are truely naturally raised. The best source is the Weston A. Price foundation for finding high quality food raised by farmers that are focusing on nutrition, safety and sustainabilty.

  2. Tar

    I guess healthy based meal is getting more popular nowadays via marketing promo. I mean, advertising the great taste it provides.

    Speaking of marketing, the existence of meal such as meat as an example which is considered to be value for money still regards as a competitive product.

    Anyways, it’s fascinating to know the facts and secrets which reveal the origin of food, not just for the sake of eating it.

    1. Jason Post author

      Thanks and good point. We should eat to live not live to eat. Awareness of what makes for safe healthy food is growing greatly.

  3. bioelectrobot

    To your first three questions, I answer with an emphatic “yes”. I suppose everything is essentially organic, since everything comes from the earth (the goings on at Area 51 being the possible exception). These delectable images of victuals are making me incredibly hungry. 🙂
    I have to admit, most of the food I eat is processed and packaged. This makes it convenient, however, I really don’t know much about the health of processed and packaged food. I grew up in the day and age of factory farming and I’m still alive and I feel pretty good. I should probably explore this website and take more notice of what I eat. I know of people who have been given a clean bill of health by their doctor; some of them kicked the bucket a very short time thereafter.
    Nice post. I wish I could pull that meat right out of the screen. 🙂

    1. Jason Post author

      It is hard to resist food that looks so good. Thanks for the comment and remember we are what we eat.

  4. inahealthyway@gmail.com

    Hi, thank you for sharing this nice article. In my opinion it is very important to eat a good quality food, especially meat… The best is obviously to buy organic meat, free range chicken and eggs. The cheap meat is less nutritious and can be full of hormons…

    I buy only organic, free range eggs and mostly organic meat and fish if possible.. The price is really high but it’s worth it. Right? 😉

    I am looking forward to more of your articles:)

    1. Jason Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I enjoy iteracting with people who understand that cheap food is expensive in the long term.

  5. Darren

    another one of the good guys. I just wanted to stop and say thank you for promoting the good message. I use to weigh 252 pounds and it was all fat. I was so unhealthy that I’m sure I wouldn’t have lived past 40

    I got into holistic health and whole foods. Understanding where my food was from. Realizing how bad meat is and understanding why it’s bad.
    mainly because of how its raised!
    The only healthy option is to raise them yourself. or know that the source has feed them natural ingredients and taken care to not give them a stress-induced nightmare of a life.

    Food will heal you or kill you. it matters and we should all, at least, understand what it is where doing.

    Not to mention there are life forms who deserve some sort of life and the way it’s done in the meat industry is horrible an no life at all.

    1. Jason

      Darren, you are so right about your statement on food will heal you or Kill you. Spot on! What most people don’t understand is that it is up to them to decide if they want life giving or life draining food. The culture is changing though and people are paying more attention to what is going into the food they eat.

  6. Sally

    Thank you for making this interesting website. I will want to come back and see what else you are doing. I especially like how you explained about the labels on meat. I understand about chicken eggs as I’ve had my own for many years and somehow people just think they are safe just coming from a store! Ugh! My own chickens eat so well and they are much fresher than and cleaner than what people can buy. Unfortunately most people can’t have access to good eggs. Do you think that will change in the future?

    1. Jason

      Yes Sally, people’s thinking is changing because of the increasing rate of health problems and some are looking for real answers. Only those willing to search will find them though. If everyone could experience good clean living food it would be a different world. Keep praying and searching!

  7. Dawn Opdyke

    Jason, Thanks for creating this site. It’s very informative and well thought out. I agree with your philosophy on raising animals for quality meat. Animals being allowed to graze in their natural environment on well managed pastures as opposed to factory farms. So many farmers are looking for bigger profits and raising animals in factory like conditions. The food they produced is as poor as the conditions the animal was raised in. As a customer of yours, I am so thankful that there are still farmers like you producing quality meat at a great value. Food that can be trusted without deceiving labels.

    1. Jason

      Thanks so much for your comment on good healthy beef Dawn. So glad you understand and appreciate what it takes to produce meat that is fit to eat and support vibrant health. Healthy animals has so many benefits from lush pastures to happy animals to healthy farmers and consumers. It is an all around positive food model. Thanks also for your loyal support as a great customer over the past few years and I look forward to working with you in the future. God bless!

  8. Jessica Barnett


    My name is Jessica, I heard about your company by a blogger who wrote a review about your product. Does your company still send out products to influential Bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers to review or for sponsored posts?

    Jessica Barnett
    (952) 232-0790
    7204 W. 27th Street, Suite 220, Minneapolis MN 55426

    1. Jason

      Jessica, Thanks for your interest in promoting our product however we are focused on serving our local customers and prefer to send our products to them and let word of mouth promote our goods. This website is primarily for information to spread the knowledge of what the best quality meat should be and how to get it. I encourage everyone to seek local food for quality and sustainability.

  9. Owain

    Like many others I too want the healthy lifestyle.i do want something that is tasty to eat. I wouldn’t enjoy it otherwise. But also it does have to be nutritious and make me feel healthy. I am a meat eater and I am concerned as to how the animals are fed. I do not want hormones or anything inorganic. If grass is the best way to go then I am all for it. Thank you for an informative read.

    1. Jason Post author

      It is so great to hear your desire to be healthy Owain! It doesn’t just happen by itself and we have to make drastic changes in the way we think about every aspect of life. The Bible says to not be conformed to the ways of the world and if we take a good look around it is obvious what the world considers normal is a real mess. We have to learn what is true and good and follow that and not the lies that are all around us. Keep seeking the truth and you will find it Owain! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Marc F.

    We recently placed an order with Jason and his family, and have been nothing short of impressed! The website was very easy to navigate and provided great detail into the process of how the beef and chickens are raised, as well as the process of purchasing them. Once we requested more information, Jason replied the same day in every instance, and even invited us to his family’s farm to see for ourselves.

    We had a wonderful time with you and your family (Your children were adorable), and learned a whole lot.

    Thanks for doing business with us!


    1. Jason

      Thanks so much for your kind words Marc! We are so pleased you came to visit and we really enjoyed meeting you and your wife. We look forward to working with you in the future and hope we can supply you with the most nutrient and flavor rich meat possible. Thanks again!

    1. Jason

      We sell our turkeys for $3.50 per pound and they are ready by November 18th. These are pasture raised birds that get an organic grain that is GMO free. Let me know if we can help you with your Thanksgiving turkey. Thanks!

  11. Ilijana Maran

    Hi Jason, I love, love what you do. I too have the same beliefs of how the quality of food affects your health and well being. So interested in how you operate your farm, I would love to come and visit and perhaps take a tour if thats available? and of course buy some meat : ). When can I come and whats the address? Looking forward to hearing from you. Im so excited !!!!!
    Thank you

    1. Jason

      Thanks for stopping by! I will email you and set something up for you to come see us. Look forward to meeting you!

  12. Slawek

    Hi Jason
    How can I order from you and do you have drop points close to Tannersville Pa?

  13. susan

    I live in Warwick Bucks county. I am interested to buy some pasture-raised chickens from you. i belong to ” Slow Food Org” an international grass root organization which encourages support for local farms.
    My question is would you ship in my area. It is difficult for me to travel. Thanks,
    Susan A.

  14. Eduardo

    Hi, I’m from Nyack, Ny and looking to source my meat, organs and bones from local farms. Can you get back to me so i can know more about your options and pricing?
    Thank you very much!


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