Where do I buy pasture raised chicken meat

Do you want the best chicken meat?

You have been doing your research and find that you want to make the switch to wholesome chicken meat.  Are you asking were do I buy pasture raised chicken or free range chicken? Can I order it online?  I will give you some options here to get you started.

Buy Local                                                                        pastured meat chickens

Look around your area and ask people if there is anyone raising free range chickens for meat.  The best way to get the best food is to buy from a local source that you can go see for yourself if they are doing things to your standards.  Ask questions and remember this is your food.  Check out some of these online resources to help you find a local producer and know what to look for in a producer.

  • westonaprice.org
  •  farmmatch.com
  • eatwild.com
  • Foodroutes.org

All natural free range chicken in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pa and are looking for a source to buy chicken meat you can contact me and I will work with you to raise chickens for you.  I raise meat chickens from May to October and you can pickup orders at our place or we can ship them to you.  We can’t ship outside Pa at this point unless we get  USDA certified.  Check out our store to see what we have to offer.

Chicken meat online

There are some sources online that offer good quality chicken meat but be careful to see exactly how they are raising their birds.  Just because it says “all natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it may be the best quality.  It may be better but not the best.  They can raise meat chickens organically or naturally without the birds actually being on pasture where they get sunshine, fresh air, bugs, and grass.  I have found a few online sites that I feel as if they have the best handle on quality and have the ability to ship anywhere with reasonable prices.  Go to our page on where to buy grass fed meat and you can see my recommendations for online sources that include chicken as well as beef, turkey, and seafood.

Please leave a comment bellow on your journey to find great chicken meat.

Thanks and God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Where do I buy pasture raised chicken meat

  1. Darren

    I have found the same to be true. When I moved to Tennessee I got into the farmers markets a lot. They always had the best meat and eggs. also, so much variety that you can’t find at the supermarket.

    I got buffalo oh my god is buffalo the best. and if you know anything about chicken eggs (most people don’t) you would never eat one unless you knew the farmer who raised the check-ins.

    Quite literally, if you’re eating an egg from a normal source. such as Walmart or a grocery store. You are ingesting feces and bleach.

    It’s hard to hear and most won’t believe me. but eggs have a very permeable shell. this allows the embryo to absorb the nutrients around it.

    Big chicken coops are so packed the chickens lay eggs and poop in the same place.

    The people won’t buy poop covered eggs so there ran through a bleach spray to disinfect the shell and make it nice and white.

    but the egg has already ingested all the fecal matter and just got some fresh bleach added into its being.

    Bottom line gets your eggs and meat from a local farmer. or else keep eating crap while the rich get richer off your unknowing suffering.

    1. Jason

      Is it not amazing what you find when you look behind the scenes and see what is really going on with the industrial food world. I commend you for taking an interest in understanding where your food comes from and what is in it.
      Thanks and God Bless!

  2. Bill

    This reminds me of news items we hear about periodically, where some large corporate farm has been cited for violations. That usually means the chickens are living in deplorable conditions, and is troubling. Am I correct in assuming that free range chickens mean 2 things: the chickens live in better conditions and the eggs and meat are healthier for consumption?

    1. Jason Post author

      You got it Bill! Our chickens are happy and healthy on pasture and there is a lot of research the shows the nutrition benefits of pastured chicken meat and eggs. However the real evidence is in the taste and tenderness of the meat. Quite simply – nutrition tastes good! Thanks for your comment and question Bill.


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