What healthy foods to eat.

By | December 2, 2015
What are healthy foods?

Are our foods as healthy as they look?

The subject of “what healthy foods should we eat” has taken on a lot of interest in the past few years and it is do to many things going on in the world.  Health and well being is changing rapidly and the information on this subject is like a vast ocean.  So how do we sort through such a sea of information to find the truth?  I have been doing just that for the last few years (over 7) and I tend to find patterns in the science of health and healing.  What is amazing is the patterns we see in science and research don’t line up with what is touted  by the health care word, media, conventional agriculture, and government.  But don’t take my word for any of this.  Do your own home work and see what shows up in the patterns you see.  Here are a few resources that have done a good job of collaborating a lot of the science and research from independent peer reviewed study’s that have been done.

  1. Weston A. Price foundation
  2. Dr. Mercola

Today’s big questions

Awareness is growing about the quality of the food our world is consuming and there are questions being asked like is all the chemical pesticide and herbicides safe. Are genetically modified seeds (GMO) safe. Is commercially raised meat and dairy (CAFOS) safe.  These are tough questions but need accurate answers.

My hope and intentions here is to get folks thinking about the big picture of their health and point you to the people and organizations that are showing what real, unbiased, independent, and pear reviewed research is showing.  Please take a look at the other pages on this website like our store and see what we are doing to achieve the quality food that drives good health.

I would enjoy hearing about your journey to finding healthy food so leave a question or comment below.

Thanks and God bless!


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