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What is a healthy pregnancy diet?

​When we started out with our first child the first thing we started to ask is what is a healthy pregnancy diet?  That was over eight years ago and now after four kids and a lot of research we have learned a lot. Before having children we didn’t pay much attention to diet and nutrition or even… Read More »

What is in Organic Meat

When I looking at the meat section at the grocery store I see there is getting to be more organic labeled meats and that makes me wonder what is in organic meat?  Is it safer, more nutritious, more sustainable, and is it worth the price?  These are questions that need real answers. The focus on meat. We… Read More »

What is in organic food

Have you noticed the word “organic” is growing rapidly in many areas associated with food.  What does this term mean and you may be wondering what is in organic food?  Perhaps an equal question would be what is not in organic food? I walked into a large grocery store the other day and the first thing that… Read More »

What is in chicken meat?

  There is a growing awareness of people asking what is in chicken meat and more specifically what is in chicken nuggets or other processed meat.  There is a rising concern about the way chicken is being raised in large confinement factory farms and is it safe to eat. What are you buying at the store? When… Read More »

What is in Processed meat

Do we really want to know? Have you ever looked at a hot dog or a piece of bologna and wondered what is in processed meat?  This is a question we should all ask but don’t want to know however ignorance is not bliss.  What I don’t know wont hurt me is a huge lie… Read More »

What is in meat?

Lets take a look at what is in meat from the good to the bad.  Meat can have many things in it depending on what kind of meat and how it is raised and processed.  I am going to give a quick highlight here without going into the deep depths of the research and if… Read More »